Thursday, May 25, 2017

Flashlight Design

For technology, a group of Dylan, Maire, Meghan and I created a solar panel flashlight for kids in Kenya. We all helped create a solar panel box on Tinkercad and then built a flashlight with many different wires and switches. We printed our design and put all of it together. The wall on the back of the flashlight was made to thin, so some of it broke as we tried switching the flashlight on. The kids in Kenya do not have electricity so this solar powered flashlight will help them perform many things such as...
- traveling far to get water
- reading at night
and much more.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Rubiks Cube for the Color Blind

My group, Paris, Bella and I thought of an extraordinary idea of a Rubiks Cube for the Color Blind. Bella thought of doing a Rubiks Cube for the blind. Paris and I thought that it was a fantastic idea, but when we forgot to search that it was an actual invention... it was already created. So Paris thought maybe we can do the Rubiks Cube not for the blind, but for the color blind. So I said we should do shapes so that they could feel it and it would all be one color. Since color blind can't see colors they have shapes that take the place of the colors on a Rubiks Cube.

Then Paris, Bella and I got straight to work with our amazing idea. We came in for recess some days to work on the Rubiks Cube, and it took us about a week. The hardest part was to put the shapes on the cube. They would rather be floating in mid air, or to pushed into the cube.

Our invention took 18 hours to print and when it came out it didn't come out as we expected. We wanted our Rubiks Cube to be grey, but instead it came out orange. Also there was one shape (the cones) that came out way to sharp! 
The inventors learned that not everything you make comes out perfect, and if it doesn't their is no reason to give up. You have to learn from your mistakes, just like we did. 
This was a really fun project that I hope to do again.